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Book-'The Bramall Papers-Reflections on War and Peace'

'Over the course of his long, varied and very eventful career Field Marshal Lord Bramall has established himself as one of the country's leading 'military thinkers'. Not content to confine himself to critical explanations of the past, he more emphatically looked ahead with penetrating foresight and often uncanny accuracy to the changes in conflict situations and in the likely threats the country would face in the future. 
This wide ranging collection of his lectures, speeches, letters and other public utterances, when taken together and set out in their proper context, provide an expert overview of British foreign and defence policies and help to explain how these developed and worked out in practice over the last 75 years, with resultant success and failures. 
As these personal papers testify, Bramall has never shied away from controversy or original thought and his views, always trenchantly put, are often far from predictable. This is well demonstrated by his changed view on Britain's 'Independent Deterrent', his clearly argued opposition to intervention in Iraq and his emphasis, in any conflict situation, on the primary need for dynamic diplomacy backed by a subtler and more selective use of military force. 
The publication of this unique collection of papers provides an important source of study for all followers of foreign and defence policy as well as military history enthusiasts, particularly those engaged on war studies. They also have a message for the general public who are ever anxious to know what Her Majesty's Government needs to do in order to pursue a successful combined foreign and defence policy and why mistakes have occurred in the past.'

Hardback book. 
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