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Book-Edward Cooper VC, The Life of a Stockton Lad

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Book-Edward Cooper VC, The Life of a Stockton Lad
Edward Cooper VC, The Life of a Stockton Lad by E.D Cooper

'Edward Cooper was a young Stockton lad just setting off on his career when the world turned upside down. His patriotic sense of duty took him to war on the Western Front where he amazingly survived unscathed, despite may close shaves. In 1917 on the Ypres front, he single-handedly captured an emeny block house, gaining him an award of the Victoria Cross. Before further embroilment in the Battle of Cambrai, he was taken out of the line for officer training, returning in this new guise to his old Regiment prior to the end of hostilities. 

He returned home as a local hero and his life was never the same again. But he married his sweetheart, raising three boys during the difficult years of the Depression. His career path was restored and he worked very long hours. In World War Two, he led a local Battalion of the Home Guard and his sons joined the army. Subsequently he became a magistrate and was made an Honorary Freeman of Stockton-on-Tees.' 
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