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Book-Tales From The Rifle Brigade: Adventures in the Rifle Brigade and Random Shots from a Rifleman

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Tales from the Rifle Brigade: Adventures in the Rifle Brigade and Random Shots from a Rifleman by Captain Sir John Kincaid with a forward by Christopher Summerville.

'To Napoleon's troops, the sharp-shooters of the 95th (Rifle) Regiment were "the rascals in green", famed throughout Europe for their bravery, skill and dash. Kincaid's "Adventures in the Rifle Brigade" was the first book to be published by a veteran, recounting the amazing escapades of this legendary unit in the war against French armies in Portugal and Spain. His second volume, "Random Shots From a Rifleman", is just as vivid and memorable as the first, and finishes with a remarkable first-hand description of the Waterloo campaign from the ordinary soldier's point of view. The two volumes, here bound together in abridged form, add up to one of the most enthralling eyewitness records of regimental soldiering ever written. Although other Rifles memoirs quickly followed, none achieved the commercial or critical success of Kincaid's collection of unforgettable anecdotes. 

John Kincaid saw action with the 95th Rifles through several of the major campaigns and battles of the Napoleonic Wars. He went to the Iberian Peninsula with Wellington's army and was involved in most of the famous actions in Portugal, Spain and France-at Almeida, Fuentes d'Onoro, Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca, Vittoria and Toulouse, and he was in at the finish in Belgium, at Quatre Bras and Waterloo. Throughout the period he keenly observed and recorded his experiences and in later life produced two classic military memoirs-"Adventures in the Rifle Brigade" and "Random Shots From a Rifleman".' 
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